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First of all, the machine cut out a certain shape of cloth for processing, followed by manual sewing process. Canada (Canada Goose) warm clothing of excellent workmanship, although the type of style does not have too much sense of fashion, but still become one of the preferred people to go out the clothing in cold area. Due to limited domestic production of Canada, the labor cost is relatively expensive, and the use of high-quality white eiderdown clothing and coyote fur (as far as the Arctic fox wool collar), Canada goose clothing price has been high.

Canada goose's parka is the most fashionable single item of winter in 2015. Canadian geese can be found everywhere in New York, Milan, Paris or Seoul. So the company's circular icon, like the map of the Arctic Circle, has become an integral part of urban life. In 2015, the Toronto based company earned more than $300 million, and sales in the past 5 years were 4 times as much as before.

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